MCSE Certification

To be a CSE certified you will need to complete several certification overviews and pass the specific test within the Microsoft family of products. Beginning with but not limited to server infrastructure, Desktop infrastructure, private cloud, enterprise devices, and naps. You’ll also need to pass a specific test on data platforms, messaging, communication, business intelligence and share point. This specific certification does it expire after every three years so recertifying is necessary.

Cory Brandon Soper

There are several advantages and benefits to MCSE certification that can help boost your career in ways you never considered. The goal, of course, is to get hired and just for the sake of knowledge you should know that five times as many high salary positions will require experience with MS Office. However with all of the recent growth and in technology you should always be looking for an advantage, and getting ahead with an MCSE certification is a great start. When interviewing for positions you’ll find that not only is it one of the first questions asked in this industry but also the certification is almost a requirement.

The Microsoft certified solutions expert can fuel new career opportunities and realistic six-figure salaries. Take the opportunity to reap the rewards and Drive your passion to a beneficial and rewarding career. The MCSE certification can help you take your career to the next level.

Cory Brandon Soper believes that the MCSE certification has made life as an IT professional a lot easier and has helped establish his career.


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Cory Soper served as director of sales and marketing since 2002 and is currently the CEO. Mike DiSabatino is the co-founder with a financial background and CPA certification and has been personally involved in the motorsports industry from retail to top Internet publication.

Cory Brandon Soper
Cory Brandon Soper

Don Johnson is there a creative director since 2000, and he is an undergraduate of USC and has a Master’s degree from Pepperdine University. He is a two-time world funny car champion with the experience of a race driver in the extreme sports business. Also, Michael Rousseau is their graphic designer and web designer. Cheryl Soper is the team’s office executive and administrative manager who masterfully organizes and leads their client needs. Tom Jackson provides aerial photography and creative input. Tom’s experience in world travel and scenic landscape adds a whole new dynamic to the team.

Cory Brandon Soper is one of the top IT business professionals in his industry. Cory is based out of Camarillo, California where he is an Owner, Network Systems Engineer, and a Public Relations Writer. Cory is the son of Kim Lee, the legendary Pilates Zen professional and fitness and dance instructor. He is also the son of Pamela Cohen, who is a professional fitness and dance instructor as well.