Exercise Tips – Weight Training Basics

For many individuals, starting on a weight training program can be intimidating. Questions as to how many reps one should perform, the perfect exercise, and the correct weight to begin with always abound with beginning lifters. Without proper guidance, beginners can sometimes start on exercises that have little impact or worse, those that can lead to injuries.

Cory Brandon SoperTo avoid such a scenario, it’s important to know what to expect when it comes to loading weights, rest, and progressing to your exercises.

Weight loading

To build more lean muscle tissue, you may need to load more weight than your body muscles are used to (within acceptable limits). The amount of weight needed to start resisting depends on a few factors, including both your prior experience in lifting weights and your current fitness goals. By increasing the amount of weight lifted, the muscles can respond in a positive way, one that enables them to grow.

Avoiding injury when it comes to lifting weights means being able to push through a set without straining too hard. To avoid injury, one should do their best to incorporate the following into their lifting routine:


Resting is just as important as working out. You should incorporate rest periods (or days) in your workouts to ensure your muscles and central nervous system relax and develop as they should.


To see positive change and avoid hitting performance plateaus, it is important to increase the intensity of the exercise slowly over time. This can be accomplished by increasing the weight lifted, the number of reps/sets performed and changing the form of resistance training. Changes can be made as the individual adapts to the weights and exercises, or at regular intervals.

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