Becoming an IT Consultant

With the ever changing world of information technology, IT professionals are in hot demand. With more and more companies turning to cloud technology and looking to secure big data and increase their mobile security, it has never been a better time to be an IT professional. While many companies need highly skilled and competent IT professionals to help them keep up with the changing technology, many are unable or unwilling to spend the money to keep a full-time IT department on their payroll. With this becoming an increasingly common reality among companies, more and more IT professionals are turning to independent consulting.

Cory Brandon SoperBecoming an independent IT consultant isn’t an easy endeavor. As an independent consultant you are no longer able to rely on others around you to manage your calendar, put together your marketing presentations, or finding you work. As an independent consultant, your success or failure depends solely on you. In order to have a chance at succeeding as an IT consultant, you must establish your niche. Too many IT professionals believe that by offering a large variety of services, they will become more successful. However, the opposite is true. Specialization is absolutely critical to becoming a successful consultant.

Once you decide on your specialty, it is important to stick with your specialty, otherwise you run the risk of damaging your credibility. Your clients need to know who you are, and they can’t even begin to scratch the surface if you specialize in everything. Cory Brandon Soper turned his IT consulting career into a successful firm, with two locations in Southern California. His specialized skills and narrow focus have helped him build strong lasting relationships with his clients.