The Importance of Public Relations for Your Business

There is some confusion in the business world when it comes to understanding the role of public relations in companies. Many companies have the tendency to compare public relations with advertising, which results in PR being one of the least understood marketing tools. This misunderstanding may also be why many believe that the field of public relations is equivalent to free advertising. However, this can’t be farther from the truth, as PR is neither advertising or free.

Cory Brandon Soper
                      Cory Brandon Soper

For public relations to be effective, companies must invest in the process. Running a successful PR campaign is labor intensive and time consuming. Unlike advertising, PR doesn’t provide any control over who receives the message and how it is perceived. The basis of public relations uses intermediaries to communicate and try to influence your audience.

A successful public relations campaign helps to boost a company’s credibility, as the audience is receiving the message through trusted intermediaries. By aligning your message with that of your intermediaries, it becomes easier for them to reiterate your message to the audience, and having them comprehend the message. Keeping up the ongoing relationships with the intermediaries is important. Understanding what they need and keeping the lines of communication open is just as important as the message they are providing their audience.

Cory Brandon Soper, CEO of, an extreme sports PR firm in Southern California, knowing which channels to disseminate information to is an important part of their PR services. Cory’s extensive knowledge of the extreme sports industry helps him and his team provide the best possible service to their clients.