Helping the Many at New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Cory Brandon SoperTaking on a career can mean many facets that need to be mastered. Programs all around the country give the opportunity seeker the chance to become part of a profession through training. When an individual goes through programs that give the intention of success, they need to be aware of potential exams that are criteria for accomplishment. In the field of technology and networking, the opportunities for a successful career can be elusive if the pursuant does not have certain criteria of training. Pre-qualifications and experience make training facilities along with educational resources, the best options to pursue when trying to start in the information technology field. Most universities have programs that offer degrees, but degrees alone are often not enough to get your foot in the door. Often the companies seeking professionally qualified individuals look for certifications as well. Though some companies may hire technical support personnel that have either the education or certification, this is because they have accumulated experience over the years. The days of experienced personnel with no training or certifications are slowly but surely coming to an end. Change in qualifications that are becoming standards put more emphasis on the training and certification of applicants.

A quality program that exists around the world that has a great reputation in training well-qualified candidates is New Horizons Computer Learning Center located in Oxnard, California. It is the largest learning institute for information technology in the world. Cory Brandon Soper was a director of sales and systems engineer for over two years with the institute.


The Value of A+ Certification in the IT Industry

From the days of the very first computer technicians, many principles of technical support have changed. In previous years, most computer technicians were college graduates with a degree; professionals that worked in focus groups and that concentrated on particular technologies that would cater to a specific need. Since then, many things have changed in how computers function for both businesses and services. With the integration of various types of programs since the days of various BSD and DOS programs to the modern versions of Windows, Mac OS and the Linux 4, technology has evolved considerably. In the modern era of technical support, various software companies have launched platforms that give the opportunity for those who wish to service their products through certification courses. A great example would be the Microsoft technical support certificate, also known as the MCSE. Information technology companies use various platforms within an operation. Having so many different platforms would mean that individuals may need to get either experience or certifications to fulfill the criteria.

Cory Brandon Soper
Cory Brandon Soper

There is one certification program that brings relevancy for all these platforms plus a solid training and evaluation for hardware technical support. CompTIA is an association that created the A+ certification back in 1993. The training and exam itself has gone through various upgrades through the years. There is a reason so many companies may consider taking candidates who have the certificate. Cory Brandon Soper completed taking the CompTIA A+ exam knowing that it would open more opportunities for him in the IT profession.