Essentials to Having a Great Beach Day

Every year, thousands of people flock to beachside towns and resorts to enjoy the water and have fun. Plans for the beach are usually thought of months in advance, with the necessary arrangements made to ensure a memorable time. If the beach is the top location for your next vacation, you will want to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Cory Brandon SoperHowever, there are some things that can go wrong. The weather might change, your friends might get sick, or even the overpriced products can put a damper on your happy time. With the following items, however, you can ward off the bad vibes.

Snacks and drinks

Because of the influx of visitors, beachside resorts sometimes overprice standard items like soda and water bottles. To keep from spending more than you planned to, carry snacks and drinks that will keep thirst and hunger away.

Extra towels

Unless you have an extra set of towels, you might find it hard to dry off and sit on a dry towel at the same time. It may be extra luggage, but it will surely beat the hassle of wiping the sand off your body with your bare hands.

Extra clothes

You don’t want to be the guy walking around in dripping-wet clothes after your dip. Pack an extra pair of shorts and t-shirts to change into after you’ve had a good time in the water.


You can never have enough sunscreen while on the beach. Just like the towels, pack an extra tub in case of unforeseen

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Exercise Tips – Weight Training Basics

For many individuals, starting on a weight training program can be intimidating. Questions as to how many reps one should perform, the perfect exercise, and the correct weight to begin with always abound with beginning lifters. Without proper guidance, beginners can sometimes start on exercises that have little impact or worse, those that can lead to injuries.

Cory Brandon SoperTo avoid such a scenario, it’s important to know what to expect when it comes to loading weights, rest, and progressing to your exercises.

Weight loading

To build more lean muscle tissue, you may need to load more weight than your body muscles are used to (within acceptable limits). The amount of weight needed to start resisting depends on a few factors, including both your prior experience in lifting weights and your current fitness goals. By increasing the amount of weight lifted, the muscles can respond in a positive way, one that enables them to grow.

Avoiding injury when it comes to lifting weights means being able to push through a set without straining too hard. To avoid injury, one should do their best to incorporate the following into their lifting routine:


Resting is just as important as working out. You should incorporate rest periods (or days) in your workouts to ensure your muscles and central nervous system relax and develop as they should.


To see positive change and avoid hitting performance plateaus, it is important to increase the intensity of the exercise slowly over time. This can be accomplished by increasing the weight lifted, the number of reps/sets performed and changing the form of resistance training. Changes can be made as the individual adapts to the weights and exercises, or at regular intervals.

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Becoming an IT Consultant

With the ever changing world of information technology, IT professionals are in hot demand. With more and more companies turning to cloud technology and looking to secure big data and increase their mobile security, it has never been a better time to be an IT professional. While many companies need highly skilled and competent IT professionals to help them keep up with the changing technology, many are unable or unwilling to spend the money to keep a full-time IT department on their payroll. With this becoming an increasingly common reality among companies, more and more IT professionals are turning to independent consulting.

Cory Brandon SoperBecoming an independent IT consultant isn’t an easy endeavor. As an independent consultant you are no longer able to rely on others around you to manage your calendar, put together your marketing presentations, or finding you work. As an independent consultant, your success or failure depends solely on you. In order to have a chance at succeeding as an IT consultant, you must establish your niche. Too many IT professionals believe that by offering a large variety of services, they will become more successful. However, the opposite is true. Specialization is absolutely critical to becoming a successful consultant.

Once you decide on your specialty, it is important to stick with your specialty, otherwise you run the risk of damaging your credibility. Your clients need to know who you are, and they can’t even begin to scratch the surface if you specialize in everything. Cory Brandon Soper turned his IT consulting career into a successful firm, with two locations in Southern California. His specialized skills and narrow focus have helped him build strong lasting relationships with his clients.

The Importance of Public Relations for Your Business

There is some confusion in the business world when it comes to understanding the role of public relations in companies. Many companies have the tendency to compare public relations with advertising, which results in PR being one of the least understood marketing tools. This misunderstanding may also be why many believe that the field of public relations is equivalent to free advertising. However, this can’t be farther from the truth, as PR is neither advertising or free.

Cory Brandon Soper
                      Cory Brandon Soper

For public relations to be effective, companies must invest in the process. Running a successful PR campaign is labor intensive and time consuming. Unlike advertising, PR doesn’t provide any control over who receives the message and how it is perceived. The basis of public relations uses intermediaries to communicate and try to influence your audience.

A successful public relations campaign helps to boost a company’s credibility, as the audience is receiving the message through trusted intermediaries. By aligning your message with that of your intermediaries, it becomes easier for them to reiterate your message to the audience, and having them comprehend the message. Keeping up the ongoing relationships with the intermediaries is important. Understanding what they need and keeping the lines of communication open is just as important as the message they are providing their audience.

Cory Brandon Soper, CEO of, an extreme sports PR firm in Southern California, knowing which channels to disseminate information to is an important part of their PR services. Cory’s extensive knowledge of the extreme sports industry helps him and his team provide the best possible service to their clients.

Helping the Many at New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Cory Brandon SoperTaking on a career can mean many facets that need to be mastered. Programs all around the country give the opportunity seeker the chance to become part of a profession through training. When an individual goes through programs that give the intention of success, they need to be aware of potential exams that are criteria for accomplishment. In the field of technology and networking, the opportunities for a successful career can be elusive if the pursuant does not have certain criteria of training. Pre-qualifications and experience make training facilities along with educational resources, the best options to pursue when trying to start in the information technology field. Most universities have programs that offer degrees, but degrees alone are often not enough to get your foot in the door. Often the companies seeking professionally qualified individuals look for certifications as well. Though some companies may hire technical support personnel that have either the education or certification, this is because they have accumulated experience over the years. The days of experienced personnel with no training or certifications are slowly but surely coming to an end. Change in qualifications that are becoming standards put more emphasis on the training and certification of applicants.

A quality program that exists around the world that has a great reputation in training well-qualified candidates is New Horizons Computer Learning Center located in Oxnard, California. It is the largest learning institute for information technology in the world. Cory Brandon Soper was a director of sales and systems engineer for over two years with the institute.

The Value of A+ Certification in the IT Industry

From the days of the very first computer technicians, many principles of technical support have changed. In previous years, most computer technicians were college graduates with a degree; professionals that worked in focus groups and that concentrated on particular technologies that would cater to a specific need. Since then, many things have changed in how computers function for both businesses and services. With the integration of various types of programs since the days of various BSD and DOS programs to the modern versions of Windows, Mac OS and the Linux 4, technology has evolved considerably. In the modern era of technical support, various software companies have launched platforms that give the opportunity for those who wish to service their products through certification courses. A great example would be the Microsoft technical support certificate, also known as the MCSE. Information technology companies use various platforms within an operation. Having so many different platforms would mean that individuals may need to get either experience or certifications to fulfill the criteria.

Cory Brandon Soper
Cory Brandon Soper

There is one certification program that brings relevancy for all these platforms plus a solid training and evaluation for hardware technical support. CompTIA is an association that created the A+ certification back in 1993. The training and exam itself has gone through various upgrades through the years. There is a reason so many companies may consider taking candidates who have the certificate. Cory Brandon Soper completed taking the CompTIA A+ exam knowing that it would open more opportunities for him in the IT profession.

Port Hueneme, CA

Port Hueneme is a small beach city located in Ventura County in Southern California. The City of Camarillo, the Naval Base of Ventura County and the Santa Barbara Channel surround it. The word Hueneme is derived from a Spanish spelling of the Chumash Native American word, which means resting place, and it was discovered in October 1542. The Port city has a small population of only 21,723; it is a vastly popular city to visit and hang out.

Cory Brandon Soper

The port is shared with Oxnard Harbor District and Naval Base Ventura County. The city is the only deep-water port between the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of San Francisco. It is a Shipping and Receiving point for several goods heading towards the Los Angeles basin. A variety of goods such as automobiles, pineapples and bananas along with several other agricultural products such as strawberries, onions and flowers come through this sport.

Hueneme has a great rich history of festival culture and every year since 1998 you can come enjoy the Hueneme Beach Festival. It is a two-day event that is held in late August which includes live music, attractions, rides, games and some of the best festival food available. This festival replace the harbor days Festival which ended in 2001 after 51 years of successful operations. Unfortunately this Harbor days Festival lack city support and ran into financial troubles such as increased fees for food handling, Insurance and licensing. You can find several photos of the festival at local history museums.

Cory Brandon Soper is respected an IT business professional working in the networking engineering and tech related industry. Cory is from the city of Camarillo in Southern California where he also works as an Owner, Network Systems Engineer, and a Public Relations Writer.